Narosia Divine Intervention Cards for NOVA6

One of my original objectives with Narosia was to create a pantheon of gods that were actively involved in the world and the story of the characters, all the while retaining the trappings of fantasy roleplaying that decades later we still enjoy. I did this by keeping the size of the pantheon small (12 gods), establishing threats in the world that were not controlled by the gods (the Fel and the Qliphothic), and creating a system of cards that enabled the players to control the influence of the gods in the current adventure.

This has been fantastically fun for all Narosia players but I’ve always run into a logistical problem with the cards—there’s too many of them.

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The Dice of Best Intentions

During one of our recent NOVA6 playtest sessions my mage was set up to lay down a lightning bolt on two yakuza guards that were watching the ol’ tri-vid. I had gotten into position, having created advantage using Stealth, and popped up to attack. I had 4 bonus dice at my disposal (the white ones), so I set aside 2 of them to guarantee 1 stunt point (when I succeed). That left me with 2 bonus dice and I made my move.

Yahtzee! Literally, I rolled 5 ones. The basic mechanics of the situation in NOVA6 are when you have bonus dice you choose the best three dice of the pool. Yeah, bad luck for sure.

Complications. Right of the bat this roll results in 1 stunt point as a complication (triples + failure). The GM, drawing from his limited pool of “GM Shenanigans Plot Points,” gives me a plot point, upping the magnitude of the complication to 2 stunt points worth. “What happens?” the GM asks.

Narrative. “As I create the massive concentration of electricity I suddenly realize that I am actually in a large metal box surrounded by wires and other conductive material. Had I planned for this, rather than just focusing on creating as much lightning as possible, I could possibly have controlled for this event. But I didn’t, and now the magical energy is arcing out of control and through me, as a 2d physical fatigue effect.” The GM agreed and roll the effect I did. Tingly!

Stunt Mechanics. 1 stunt point is basically worth 1d of a brief condition or 1d of fatigue effect, fatigue being a type of damage mechanic that results in temporary (lasts a scene) conditions. Stunt points can also increase the scope (more people/area affected) or duration (brief > temporary > lasting > long-lasting) of an effect if appropriate.

Funnily enough, this action was then followed by the infiltrator attempting a flying tackle on one of the guards, you know, the ol’ “flying grab and stab,” which also failed miserably. However, our luck turned around after the infiltrator (now prone at the feet of his target) miraculously dodged a full auto burst from the yak standing over him while on the ground (can you dodge serpentine while prone?). The mage then regained his composure, re-calibrated to use lightning in a metal box (or so he said), and managed to get 2 stunt points on his lightning bolt, using 1 to fork the bolt, and the other stunt point to increase its damage, taking both of them out.

I’m happy to report that the revised damage mechanics work much better, which was the whole point of the test to begin with. Plus, I get to post a little playtest story for NOVA6, something we should be sharing more of.

Spell-A-Day: Weaken


The shaper causes the targets’ flesh to atrophy unnaturally.

Arcana: Sarkus (Flesh)
Target: Area
Range: Limited
Duration: Fade 5 STR/Minute
Focus: Longlegs spider or spider venom
Class: Offensive

Common Modifiers

  • Spell (+0)
  • Limited Range (-¼)
  • One Use At A Time (-1)
  • Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Minute; +1)
  • Area Of Effect (4m Radius; +¼)
1 Drain STR ½d6
2 Drain STR 1d6
3 Drain STR 1½d6
4 Drain STR 2d6
5 Drain STR 2½d6
6 Drain STR 3d6
7 Drain STR 3½d6
8 Drain STR 4d6
9 Drain STR 4½d6
10 Drain STR 5d6
11 Drain STR 5½d6
12 Drain STR 6d6
13 Drain STR 6½d6


“Can shapers heal?” is a common question. The answer is, “Sorta.” Sarkus shapers can end blood loss and perform even complex chirurgy without the use of any tools. However, they can’t restore BODY damage quickly. They are limited to closing wounds, seting bones, but a level to rival even advanced technology.

Mend Flesh

This spell can knit flesh together and allows the shaper to utilize the Healing Skill without the use of tools. While the spell cannot provide complete healing, it does give the target’s body the opportunity to better heal by its own devices. The wound is cleaned and sealed together at the shaper’s will, enhancing his ability to more effectively apply mundane healing techniques, including the ability to perform chirurgy without instruments. In the case of external injuries, the wound will not reopen once it is mended by this spell (at EFF 2 or higher). The Aid BODY effect at EFF 1 stops all bleeding on the target while the shaper performs her work. At EFF 2 and higher, the shaper is considered to have any necessary tools to perform any Healing Skill task, including the Healing Skill Maneuvers on p. 93. Many lay healers will learn this one spell, even if they are limited to EFF 2 because of its impact on their ability to stabilize and heal injuries.

Arcana: Sarkus (Flesh)
Target: Single
Range: No Range
Duration: Enchantment
Focus: A piece of raw meat
Class: Utility

Common Modifiers

  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Adjustment Power; +2)
  • One Use At A Time (-1)
1 Aid BODY 1d6; Only Restores To Starting Values (-½), Only to Aid Others (-½)
2 Aid Healing Skill ½d6 (standard effect: +1 to Skill)
3 Aid Healing Skill 1d6+1 (standard effect: +2 to Skill)
4 Aid Healing Skill 1½d6 (standard effect: +2 to Skill)
5 Aid Healing Skill 2½d6 (standard effect: +4 to Skill)
6 Aid Healing Skill 3d6 (standard effect: +4 to Skill)
7 Aid Healing Skill 3½d6 (standard effect: +5 to Skill)
8 Aid Healing Skill 4d6 (standard effect: +6 to Skill)
9 Aid Healing Skill 4½d6 (standard effect: +7 to Skill)
10 Aid Healing Skill 5d6 (standard effect: +7 to Skill)
11 Aid Healing Skill 5½d6 (standard effect: +8 to Skill)
12 Aid Healing Skill 6d6+1 (standard effect: +9 to Skill)
13 Aid Healing Skill 6½d6 (standard effect: +10 to Skill)

Spell-A-Day: Adherance


This spell alters the target’s skin to allow him to cling to surfaces and potentially to other targets as well. Certain variations of the spell make the target’s skin so sticky that anything that comes into contact with the target’s skin becomes stuck if he so chooses.

Arcana: Sarkus (Flesh)
Target: Single
Range: Touch
Duration: Enchantment
Focus: Leg of newt
Class: Utility (Restricted)

Common Modifiers

  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Constant Power; +¼)
  • Usable On Others (+½)
  • Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -¼)
  • Requires Bare Feet for Full Running Rate or Climbing Roll for Half Running Rate (-¼)
2 Clinging (normal STR)
3 Clinging (25 STR)
4 Clinging (22 STR), Area of Effect (Surface – Damage Shield) (Attackers Become Stuck to Character; +½)
4 Clinging (37 STR)
5 Clinging (34 STR), Area of Effect (Surface – Damage Shield) (Attackers Become Stuck to Character; +½)
5 Clinging (49 STR)
6 Clinging (43 STR), Area of Effect (Surface – Damage Shield) (Attackers Become Stuck to Character; +½)
6 Clinging (61 STR)
7 Clinging (55 STR), Area of Effect (Surface – Damage Shield) (Attackers Become Stuck to Character; +½)
7 Clinging (76 STR)
8 Clinging (64 STR), Area of Effect (Surface – Damage Shield) (Attackers Become Stuck to Character; +½)
8 Clinging (88 STR)


Spell-A-Day: Adrenal Boost

Adrenal Boost

This spell charges the target’s adrenal gland for a specific purpose. The shaper chooses any Physical Characteristic or Movement Power to enhance. Then, as a Half-Phase action, the target may then activate the boost at will, at which point the Aid effect will begin to fade at the rate of 5 points per Turn. The Enchantment can only be perceived by Essence Touch or Essence Sight. Defense and Movement Powers cost double to increase with Aid.

Arcana: Sarkus (Humors)
Target: Single
Range: No Range
Duration: Enchantment/Fades 5 per Turn once activated
Focus: A cup of pure water
Class: Utility

Common Modifiers

  • Invisible Power Effects (Invisible to Sight Group; +½)
  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Instant Power; +½)
  • One Use At A Time (-1)
  • Any Physical Characteristics or Movement Powers (+½)
1 Aid 1d6
2 Aid 1½d6
3 Aid 2d6+1
4 Aid 3d6
5 Aid 3½d6
6 Aid 4d6+1
7 Aid 5d6
8 Aid 5½d6
9 Aid 6d6+1
10 Aid 7d6
11 Aid 7½d6
12 Aid 8d6+1
13 Aid 9d6


Spell-A-Day: Bone Spurs

Bone Spurs

This enchantment causes boney spurs split from the target’s flesh, increasing the damage caused by his fists.

Arcana: Sarkus (Flesh)
Target: Single
Range: Touch
Duration: Enchantment
Focus: A knuckle bone
Class: Offensive

Common Modifiers

  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Instant Power; +½)
  • Costs Endurance Only To Activate (+¼)
  • Usable On Others (+½)
  • Hand-To-Hand Attack (-¼)
1 HA +½d6
2 HA +1d6
3 HA +1½d6
4 HA +2d6
5 HA +3d6
6 HA +3½d6
7 HA +4d6
8 HA +4½d6
9 HA +5d6
10 HA +5½d6
11 HA +6d6
12 HA +6½d6
13 HA +7d6

Spell-A-Day: Vile Humors

Vile Humors

The shaper causes the target’s bodily fluids to become unwelcome in their host. The target is doubled over in agony and will eventually evacuate all fluids if subject to the spell for a long period. Once the target escapes the Entangle, the Transform is negated as well, restoring the target’s normal color and vibrancy over the next 5 minutes. However, any fluids expelled remain expelled. Additionally, while immunity to poison can negate the Transform it does not negate the Entangle — the pain associated with the spell is still incapacitating.

Arcana: Sarkus (Humors)
Target: Single
Range: Limited
Duration: Enchantment
Focus: Dried Vomit
Class: Offensive

Common Modifiers

  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Persistent or Continuing-effect Power; +0)
  • Limited Range (-¼)
  • Limited Target (Living Targets Only; -¼)
All Entangle includes Cannot Be Escaped With Teleportation (+¼), Takes No Damage From Attacks (All Attacks), STR/CON only to break out (+1); STR or CON, Whichever is Greater (-¼) plus Cosmetic Transform 2d6 (Target evacuates all non-essential bodily fluids (i.e. urination, defecation, vomit, mucous, sweat, etc.), Heals Back In 5 Minutes), Time Limit (Enchantment; Constant Power; +¼), Costs Endurance Only To Activate (+¼), Constant (+½); LS (Immunity to all terrestrial poisons) Negates (-½)
4 Entangle 1d6, 1 PD/1 ED
5 Entangle 2d6, 1 PD/1 ED
6 Entangle 2d6, 2 PD/2 ED
7 Entangle 3d6, 2 PD/2 ED
9 Entangle 3d6, 3 PD/3 ED
10 Entangle 4d6, 3 PD/3 ED
11 Entangle 5d6, 3 PD/3 ED
13 Entangle 5d6, 3 PD/3 ED plus Cosmetic Transform is 5d6


Spell-A-Day: Bloodfast

Vacation is over and now back to work. This next series starts the Sarkus arcana (flesh, humors). This spell specifically is useful against the Unliving.


This enchantment stabilizes and reinforces the target body’s circulatory system. At its most basic level it negates magical attacks against the blood. The most common level of the enchantment prevents bleeding, followed by such strong essence bonding that the target no longer suffers increased damage from vital locations. Finally, the target’s BODY is so enhanced that her natural healing process is accelerated as well.

Arcana: Sarkus (Humors)
Target: Single
Range: Touch
Duration: Enchantment
Focus: A pea-sized ball of congealed blood
Class: Utility (Restricted)

Common Modifiers

  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Persistent or Continuing-effect Power; +0)
  • Usable On Others (+1/2)
  • Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4)
2 Does Not Bleed; Only Works Against Blood-Affecting Magical Attacks (-1)
4 Does Not Bleed
+2 plus No Hit Locations Head, Chest, Stomach, Vitals: STUNx x3, BODYx x1, NSTUN x1; All others use normal multipliers; All Impairing/Disabling is calculated as Chest
+2 plus Regeneration (1 BODY per 20 Minutes)


Spell-A-Day: Reveal True Form

Reveal True Form

This orison dispels any effect that hides the target’s true form or nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Shape Shift, Images, Invisibility, Multiform, or even mundane disguises. Mundane disguises have a difficulty to dispel (i.e., the BODY needed on the Dispel roll) equal to 1 margin of success on the Disguise Skill Roll, to a maximum of 7 (even for a Critical Success).

Enaros: Toletren
Target: Single
Range: Limited
Duration: Instant
Class: Attack

Common Modifiers

  • Orison (+0)
  • Any Illusory or Deceptive Powers (+1/4)
  • Limited Range (-1/4)
1 Dispel 1d6
2 Dispel 2d6
3 Dispel 3d6
4 Dispel 4d6
5 Dispel 5d6
6 Dispel 6d6
7 Dispel 7d6
8 Dispel 8d6
9 Dispel 9d6
10 Dispel 10d6
11 Dispel 11d6
12 Dispel 12d6
13 Dispel 13d6