Spell-A-Day: Adrenal Boost

Adrenal Boost

This spell charges the target’s adrenal gland for a specific purpose. The shaper chooses any Physical Characteristic or Movement Power to enhance. Then, as a Half-Phase action, the target may then activate the boost at will, at which point the Aid effect will begin to fade at the rate of 5 points per Turn. The Enchantment can only be perceived by Essence Touch or Essence Sight. Defense and Movement Powers cost double to increase with Aid.

Arcana: Sarkus (Humors)
Target: Single
Range: No Range
Duration: Enchantment/Fades 5 per Turn once activated
Focus: A cup of pure water
Class: Utility

Common Modifiers

  • Invisible Power Effects (Invisible to Sight Group; +½)
  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Instant Power; +½)
  • One Use At A Time (-1)
  • Any Physical Characteristics or Movement Powers (+½)
1 Aid 1d6
2 Aid 1½d6
3 Aid 2d6+1
4 Aid 3d6
5 Aid 3½d6
6 Aid 4d6+1
7 Aid 5d6
8 Aid 5½d6
9 Aid 6d6+1
10 Aid 7d6
11 Aid 7½d6
12 Aid 8d6+1
13 Aid 9d6


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