Spell-A-Day: Bloodfast

Vacation is over and now back to work. This next series starts the Sarkus arcana (flesh, humors). This spell specifically is useful against the Unliving.


This enchantment stabilizes and reinforces the target body’s circulatory system. At its most basic level it negates magical attacks against the blood. The most common level of the enchantment prevents bleeding, followed by such strong essence bonding that the target no longer suffers increased damage from vital locations. Finally, the target’s BODY is so enhanced that her natural healing process is accelerated as well.

Arcana: Sarkus (Humors)
Target: Single
Range: Touch
Duration: Enchantment
Focus: A pea-sized ball of congealed blood
Class: Utility (Restricted)

Common Modifiers

  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Persistent or Continuing-effect Power; +0)
  • Usable On Others (+1/2)
  • Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4)
2 Does Not Bleed; Only Works Against Blood-Affecting Magical Attacks (-1)
4 Does Not Bleed
+2 plus No Hit Locations Head, Chest, Stomach, Vitals: STUNx x3, BODYx x1, NSTUN x1; All others use normal multipliers; All Impairing/Disabling is calculated as Chest
+2 plus Regeneration (1 BODY per 20 Minutes)


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