Narosia Divine Intervention Cards for NOVA6

One of my original objectives with Narosia was to create a pantheon of gods that were actively involved in the world and the story of the characters, all the while retaining the trappings of fantasy roleplaying that decades later we still enjoy. I did this by keeping the size of the pantheon small (12 gods), establishing threats in the world that were not controlled by the gods (the Fel and the Qliphothic), and creating a system of cards that enabled the players to control the influence of the gods in the current adventure.

This has been fantastically fun for all Narosia players but I’ve always run into a logistical problem with the cards—there’s too many of them.

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Death in RPGs (Narosia Specifically)

It’s no secret I work on this little thing called Narosia. In addition to that work, I run a regular game of it for my core group of playtesters and have been since we came up with the concept of Narosia. Death has always been an interesting challenge for any RPG campaign, and a recent death in my Narosia game got me thinking more seriously about it.

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Revised Enaros Relationship Map

I spent a little time revising my Enaros Relationship Map to limit long distance connections and adjust for node density. While the revision is still quite busy, I think it is clearer how the relationships map out. I am also providing the draft Enaros Relationship Map PDF which includes the index of the relationship path numbers.

The shadow down the middle represents the spine of the book as this is a 2-page spread.