“Can shapers heal?” is a common question. The answer is, “Sorta.” Sarkus shapers can end blood loss and perform even complex chirurgy without the use of any tools. However, they can’t restore BODY damage quickly. They are limited to closing wounds, seting bones, but a level to rival even advanced technology.

Mend Flesh

This spell can knit flesh together and allows the shaper to utilize the Healing Skill without the use of tools. While the spell cannot provide complete healing, it does give the target’s body the opportunity to better heal by its own devices. The wound is cleaned and sealed together at the shaper’s will, enhancing his ability to more effectively apply mundane healing techniques, including the ability to perform chirurgy without instruments. In the case of external injuries, the wound will not reopen once it is mended by this spell (at EFF 2 or higher). The Aid BODY effect at EFF 1 stops all bleeding on the target while the shaper performs her work. At EFF 2 and higher, the shaper is considered to have any necessary tools to perform any Healing Skill task, including the Healing Skill Maneuvers on p. 93. Many lay healers will learn this one spell, even if they are limited to EFF 2 because of its impact on their ability to stabilize and heal injuries.

Arcana: Sarkus (Flesh)
Target: Single
Range: No Range
Duration: Enchantment
Focus: A piece of raw meat
Class: Utility

Common Modifiers

  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Adjustment Power; +2)
  • One Use At A Time (-1)
1 Aid BODY 1d6; Only Restores To Starting Values (-½), Only to Aid Others (-½)
2 Aid Healing Skill ½d6 (standard effect: +1 to Skill)
3 Aid Healing Skill 1d6+1 (standard effect: +2 to Skill)
4 Aid Healing Skill 1½d6 (standard effect: +2 to Skill)
5 Aid Healing Skill 2½d6 (standard effect: +4 to Skill)
6 Aid Healing Skill 3d6 (standard effect: +4 to Skill)
7 Aid Healing Skill 3½d6 (standard effect: +5 to Skill)
8 Aid Healing Skill 4d6 (standard effect: +6 to Skill)
9 Aid Healing Skill 4½d6 (standard effect: +7 to Skill)
10 Aid Healing Skill 5d6 (standard effect: +7 to Skill)
11 Aid Healing Skill 5½d6 (standard effect: +8 to Skill)
12 Aid Healing Skill 6d6+1 (standard effect: +9 to Skill)
13 Aid Healing Skill 6½d6 (standard effect: +10 to Skill)

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