Spell-A-Day: Vile Humors

Vile Humors

The shaper causes the target’s bodily fluids to become unwelcome in their host. The target is doubled over in agony and will eventually evacuate all fluids if subject to the spell for a long period. Once the target escapes the Entangle, the Transform is negated as well, restoring the target’s normal color and vibrancy over the next 5 minutes. However, any fluids expelled remain expelled. Additionally, while immunity to poison can negate the Transform it does not negate the Entangle — the pain associated with the spell is still incapacitating.

Arcana: Sarkus (Humors)
Target: Single
Range: Limited
Duration: Enchantment
Focus: Dried Vomit
Class: Offensive

Common Modifiers

  • Spell (+0)
  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Persistent or Continuing-effect Power; +0)
  • Limited Range (-¼)
  • Limited Target (Living Targets Only; -¼)
All Entangle includes Cannot Be Escaped With Teleportation (+¼), Takes No Damage From Attacks (All Attacks), STR/CON only to break out (+1); STR or CON, Whichever is Greater (-¼) plus Cosmetic Transform 2d6 (Target evacuates all non-essential bodily fluids (i.e. urination, defecation, vomit, mucous, sweat, etc.), Heals Back In 5 Minutes), Time Limit (Enchantment; Constant Power; +¼), Costs Endurance Only To Activate (+¼), Constant (+½); LS (Immunity to all terrestrial poisons) Negates (-½)
4 Entangle 1d6, 1 PD/1 ED
5 Entangle 2d6, 1 PD/1 ED
6 Entangle 2d6, 2 PD/2 ED
7 Entangle 3d6, 2 PD/2 ED
9 Entangle 3d6, 3 PD/3 ED
10 Entangle 4d6, 3 PD/3 ED
11 Entangle 5d6, 3 PD/3 ED
13 Entangle 5d6, 3 PD/3 ED plus Cosmetic Transform is 5d6


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