Spell-A-Day: Reveal True Form

Reveal True Form

This orison dispels any effect that hides the target’s true form or nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Shape Shift, Images, Invisibility, Multiform, or even mundane disguises. Mundane disguises have a difficulty to dispel (i.e., the BODY needed on the Dispel roll) equal to 1 margin of success on the Disguise Skill Roll, to a maximum of 7 (even for a Critical Success).

Enaros: Toletren
Target: Single
Range: Limited
Duration: Instant
Class: Attack

Common Modifiers

  • Orison (+0)
  • Any Illusory or Deceptive Powers (+1/4)
  • Limited Range (-1/4)
1 Dispel 1d6
2 Dispel 2d6
3 Dispel 3d6
4 Dispel 4d6
5 Dispel 5d6
6 Dispel 6d6
7 Dispel 7d6
8 Dispel 8d6
9 Dispel 9d6
10 Dispel 10d6
11 Dispel 11d6
12 Dispel 12d6
13 Dispel 13d6

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