Spell-A-Day: Warp Wall

Warp Wall (Akyrus — Void)

Class:           Offensive
Duration:    Enchantment
Focus:          A drop of mercury in a vial of water
Range:         Limited
Target:         Area (see text)

The shaper weakens the essence at a fixed point just enough for the void to warp space. The warp zone radiates out along a vertical axis, creating a 4m radius disk-shaped “wall”. If the center of the warp zone is placed on a solid surface, the warp zone is reflected to create a 6m radius half-disk-shaped “wall”, and if placed in a corner of two solid surfaces it will radiate out to create a 9m radius quarter-disk “wall”. The thickness of the “wall” is 2m.

Anything that comes into contact with wall is attacked (OMCV vs. DCV) and thrown (if successful) in a random direction 1m per extra STR of the warp effect over the STR necessary to lift the target (see Throwing, p. XX). This throw can be resisted with casual STR as normal, and a potential target can prepare to “break through” the warp effect during its Phase and use its full STR.

Direction will be random (roll 1d6: 1 = 120 deg. left, 2 = 60 deg. left, 3-4 = back, 5 = 60 deg. right, 6 = 120 deg. right). The target will take damage using the STR of the warp effect if thrown into a solid object, or half that if simply thrown and landing back on the ground. Of course, the target could be thrown off a cliff or a building….

Common Modifiers:

  • Time Limit (Enchantment; Constant Power; +1/4)
  • Costs Endurance Only To Activate (+1/4)
  • Area Of Effect Nonselective (16 2m Areas, fixed shape; +1/2)
  • Affects Desolidified Any form of Desolidification (+1/2)
  • No Conscious Control (Only Effects cannot be controlled; -1)
  • Limited Range (-1/4)

1       Telekinesis (4 STR)
2       Telekinesis (6 STR)
3       Telekinesis (10 STR)
4       Telekinesis (11 STR)
5       Telekinesis (16 STR)
6       Telekinesis (18 STR)
7       Telekinesis (22 STR)
8       Telekinesis (24 STR)
9       Telekinesis (28 STR)
10     Telekinesis (30 STR)
11     Telekinesis (34 STR)
12     Telekinesis (36 STR)
13     Telekinesis (40 STR)

Spell-A-Day: Primordial Utterance

This is a spell for the Narosia: Sea of Tears RPG.

Primordial Utterance (Akyrus – Void)

Target:         Single
Range:         Limited
Duration:    Instant
Focus:          A gold coin pierced by coldiron
Class:           Offensive

The shaper opens a tiny rift to a plane beyond the void to allow the briefest sliver of a phoneme uttered by a primordial Qliphothic entity to be heard in this world. The presence of this unreal sound is deafening, and can sometimes be heard from 1000m distant (farther in the right conditions). This utterance is directed at a single target, which damages the bond between the target’s soul and its body. If the utterance kills the target, the soul is blasted into the void and can only be saved through divine intervention or extraplanar travel to retrieve it. Additionally, the target’s body must be made whole and re-primed to receive a soul as its physical integrity has been undone at a cosmic level. On the plus side, the body cannot host the Fel and rise as undead.

Common Modifiers:
⦁   Cannot Use Targeting (-1/2)
⦁   Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (Drain 1 BODY per 2 EFF, and 1 STUN per 1 EFF (Recovery per minute); -1/2)
⦁   Limited Range (-1/4)
⦁   Limited Power Only Works On The Living (-1/4)
⦁   Attack Versus Alternate Defense (Resistant Power Defense; +1)
⦁   Does BODY (+1)
⦁   Affects Desolidified Magical Desolidification Only (+1/4)
⦁   Perceivable (Hearing PER Roll +8; Deafening; -1/2)

1       RKA 1 point
2       RKA 1/2d6
3       RKA 1d6
4       RKA 1d6+1
5       RKA 1 1/2d6
6       RKA 2d6
8       RKA 2d6+1
9       RKA 2 1/2d6
10     RKA 3d6
11     RKA 3d6+1
12     RKA 3 1/2d6
13     RKA 4d6